Starch Ether Hydroxypropyl Starch Ether HPS China factory

Short Description:

CAS No.: 9049-76-7

Appearance: light yellow powder

viscosity: 2000-3000

Other Names: Hydroxypropyl starch

Application: mainly resists sagging, improves workability

Supply Ability: 20000 Ton/Tons per Year

Purity: 98%

Packing: 25kg/bag

Method of payment: T/T, L/C, D/P

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Product description

Hydroxypropyl Starch ether is an ionic starch ether produced by a series of chemical and physical reactions under alkaline conditions with natural polymer material-starch as raw material. HPS is a non-toxic and odorless white powder, soluble in cold water, with good water solubility, forming a transparent and translucent viscous liquid. It has the functions of thickening, bonding, dispersion, emulsification, suspension, adsorption, surface activity, and moisture retention.

Starch ether is a starch-based additive for dry mortar in construction industry, they can improve the performance and optimize the processing performance of dry mortar by changing the thickness and rheology of various dry mortar based on cement and gypsum.starch ether should be used in combination with cellulose. It behaves well under neutral and alkaline conditions and is compatible with other additives in gypsum or cement-based building materials.


In construction materials, it mainly resists sagging, improves workability, extends the open time and thickens of cement. Subject to the differences between internal and external wall putty, bonding and polishing mortar, polystyrene particles and vitrified beads.

Product feature

A. Improve sagging resistance
B. Improve mortar construction property

Viscosity (2% aqueous solution 20℃, mPa.s)


Hydroxypropyl (%)

18 - 32

Solid content

≥ 98.0%

Moisture content

≤ 10

pH (1% aqueous solution 25℃)


Loss on drying (%)


Residue on ignition (%)



white or off-white powder


Suggested to add 0.05% - 0.1% of total dry powder, in order to achieve the best effect, it is suggested to test before final application to determine the final addition quantity.

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1. Are you are a factory not?
We are a 100% factory of cellulose ether and starch ether, We have been in the filed for more 10 years. We welcome the worldwide friends to visit our factories.

2. Do you accept OEM or ODM?
Yes, we do accept both OEM and ODM. The quality is surely guaranteed.

3. What about your QC?
We strictly follow the procedures specified in ISO9001. We are applied for ISO9001; ISO14001; ISO 18001.

4. Whet about time of delivery?
Time of delivery generally depends on the quantity that you order. We will deliver your orders on time.

5. Can you provide samples for free?
Sample is a necessary part of our cooperation, so I really welcome you to ask for samples for us. We can provide free samples

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