At present, the company's products have formed three major series of hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (HPMC), redispersible polymer powder (VAE) and hydroxypropyl starch ether (HPS), with more than a dozen specifications. As a trusted partner, the company uses new technologies to open up more market opportunities, leverage the overall advantages of modern chemical companies, apply scientific and technological achievements, and introduce materials, processes and equipment to form a series of research and development, large-scale production operations, and organic Combining the three pillars of economic development, environmental protection and social responsibility, we will improve and tap the potential of innovation. We will establish extensive cooperation with domestic friends from all walks of life with products and services of high quality, benefit sharing, and mutual benefit.

Exhibition & Team travel1

Jinan Dongyuan Chemical Co., Ltd. attends two times exhibition per year, the exhibition usually in March and September.

The exhibition place usually in Shanghai city & Guangzhou city of China. Some time we also attend foreign country exhibitions.

Jinan Dongyuan Chemical Co., Ltd. Organize staff travel and field training regularly.

Every year there are three or four such group events.

Exhibition & Team travel

Dongyuan company always adheres to the business philosophy of integrity-based,win-win cooperation, relying on advanced production technology and equipment workshops, and strives for excellence, and carefully builds well-known brands at home and abroad. In addition to selling domestic markets, its products are also exported to Europe, America. More than forty countries and regions in South and Southeast Asia have won widespread praise.

Grasp the present and look into the future, the company always adheres to the pursuit of excellence, meets challenges, provides customers with assured products, and strives to improve product quality. In the new century, new ideals, and sincere Dongyuan people are working hard to open up a hundred times, with a high sense of social responsibility, international excellent technical level, and bring together people of insight!

Post time: Mar-31-2022