Hpmc Household grade Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose Daily Chemical Products for personal care

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HPMC has thickening and antifreezing effects in shampoo and body wash.

HPMC has water retention and good film-forming property for hair and skin.

HPMC plays the role of thickening, foaming, stableemulsification, dispersion, adhesion, film formation and water retention in cosmetics.

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    Daily chemical grade HPMC description

    The daily chemical grade special cellulose ether has thickening, bubble stabilization, emulsification, easy dispersion and other properties, and other daily chemical products have a good compatibility with a variety of additives, widely used in detergents, shower gel, shampoo, hand sanitizer, washing liquid and other products.

    Product features

    ● Good dispersion of cold water.
    After excellent and uniform surface treatment, it can be quickly dispersed in cold water to avoid agglomeration and uneven dissolution, and finally get a uniform and full aqueous solution.

    ● Highly effective thickening effect.
    Only a small amount of addition is needed to obtain the consistency of the solution, which is still effective for other thickeners that are difficult to thicken.

    ● Security.
    Safe and non-toxic, can not be absorbed by human body, physiologically harmless.

    ● Good compatibility and system stability.
    As a non-ionic material, it is not easy to interact with ionic additives. It can work well with other additives to maintain the stability of the system.

    ● Good emulsification and bubble stabilization.
    With good surface activity, it can provide a good emulsifying effect for the solution, and keep the bubble of the solution stable and not easy to break, giving the solution a good use effect.

    ● Controllability of adhesion initiation speed.
    The dispersion speed and adhesion speed of the product can be adjusted according to the requirements.

    ● High light transmission.
    Special cellulose ether product, from the raw material to the production process for special optimization, has an excellent transmittance, can get clear, clear solution.

    Product prameters

    High Quality Hydroxypropyl Methyl cellulose Hpmc For Daily Chemical Products
    Methoxyl Content % 20.0-30.0
    Hydroxypropyl % 7.0-12.0
    Ash Content % ≤5
    PH Value 4.0-8.0
    Moisture% ≤5
    Geling Temperature.℃ 60-75
    Viscosity 50000-200000cps Can be customized

    Physicochemical properties

    1. Exterior: White or off-white powder
    2. Particle size: the passing rate of 80 mesh is 100% the passing rate of 100 mesh is more than 99.5%
    3. Charring :280-300℃
    4. Apparent density: 0. 25-0.70g/cm(usually around 0.5g/cm), the proportion is 1.26-1.31
    5. Thermochromic temperature: 190-200℃
    6. Surface tension: 2% of aqueous solution is 42-56dyn/cn


    1. Are you a manufacturer?
    Yes, we have our own factory and lab.

    2. What information should I let you know if I want to get a quotation?
    Quality you require, eg. Assay, Purity, or single impurity -Quantity you need -Standard you want, such as USP.

    3. Do you provide samples ? is it free or extra?
    Yes, we could offer the sample for free charge and customer side need to pay the cost of freight.

    4. How to make the payment?
    Main do T/T, L/C, D/P We also can accept Western Union,Money Gram,Bank Transfer as well.

    5. When will you deliver the goods?
    For sample, in about 2 working days after payment; for larger orders (more than 6000 kg), in about 5-7 working days after payment.

    6. How will you deliver the goods?
    We have strong cooperation with DHL, TNT, UPS, FEDEX, EMS, China Air Post. For container products, we can do sea shipping. You also can choose your own shipping forwarder.

    7. What to do if we find your products unsatisfied?
    We will send you a COA (Certificate of Analysis) to you first for you to confirm the quality, but if you find our products not confirm with the COA after you receive it, please show us your test result, we will refund you once we confirm that.

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